City Services

Type of government:  Mayor/Council
Name of Mayor:  Joe E. Weber
City Administrator:  Yes
Comprehensive City Plan:  Yes
Zoning:  City — Yes County — No
Subdivision ordinance w/design standards  Yes
City engineer employed:   Yes

City Departments

Fire - Don Seymore, Chief - Phone: 573-624-3425 - Fax: 573-624-9912

Parks and Recreation -Jamie Rowe, Superintendent - Phone: 573-624-8244

Police - Sammy Stone, Chief - Phone: 573-624-5512 - Fax: 573-624-8889

Streets & Sanitation - Jeff Myers, Superintendent - Phone: 573-624-6158

Water - Tom Espey, Superintendent - Phone: 573-624-5527

Fire Department

Dexter citizens are proud of their city providing one of the most advanced firefighting organizations in the area. The Fire Chief oversees the management of two fire stations with the full-time volunteer services of concerned citizens. Fire rating within the city limits is four (4).

Full-time: 3
Volunteer: 30

Fire Insurance Rating:
In city: 4
Outside city: 10

The Dexter Police Department provides 24 hour protection in our city. In addition to their regular duties, the department assists with several safety and educational programs. The Police Chief and his staff operate with the latest in dispatch, police,and emergency equipment. The department is represented by 18 full-time officers, five dispatchers.

City: 18
County: 8

Garbage Service:
Capacity of county landfill: 25 years

The Stoddard County Ambulance Service is located in Dexter. A qualified staff consisting of both paramedics and EMTs service the area with the latest state of the art equipment.

E-911 Service
E-911 Service made their live cut-over on October 10, 1995, enabling the 911 services to be accessed throughout Stoddard County. The service employs a full-time emergency management director.

Dexter Chamber of Commerce
515 B West Market St. :: PO Box 21 :: Dexter, MO 63841
573-624-7458 :: Email:
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