Citizen of the Year Application:

    The Citizen of the Year Award is given to a local resident whose service and
    dedication have made a significant contribution to the community. Criteria for
    the Award are:

    • The nominee must reside, or have their business, in Dexter, MO.
    • The nominee must have assisted in an improvement or program of significant value to the Dexter community.
    • The improvement must be made as a result of a personal commitment and not substantially as a result of their primary employment or public responsibilities.
    • The nominee may not currently be on the Board of Directors of the Dexter Chamber of Commerce.
    • The contributions of the nominee to the community should be of an extraordinary nature.

    Nominations should be made in the form of a letter of recommendation to the Chamber of Commerce, no later than January 12, 2018, stating the reasons why the individual being nominated is worthy of this honor.