It’s not often in life that you find someone who is extremely passionate about their job. Today, you will hear the story of one of those individuals. We’d like to introduce you to Tiffany Wright at CTR Bookkeeping and Consulting. 

Born and raised in Jackson, Missouri, Tiffany has made a name for herself in Southeast Missouri. Along with her husband, Chase and their son, Ryker, they own CTR Farms and CTR Bookkeeping and Consulting. When asked the origin behind the names of these companies, she informed us they chose CTR to represent their family: Chase, Tiffany, and Ryker. Family is an integral part of her life, and they wanted the businesses to represent that. Although she may not let her son Ryker start running the books any time soon, they decided these would be family owned and operated businesses. 

While in a previous accounting management role, the thought of venturing out to create her own consulting/bookkeeping firm kept resurfacing. Finally, in 2021, Tiffany took the leap to create CTR Bookkeeping and Consulting. The mission of CTR Bookkeeping and Consulting is to serve and support clients so they can best run their business. Not only did Tiffany see a local need for these services, but she also realized it was a nationwide need. Currently, CTR Bookkeeping and Consulting has clients from Dexter, Missouri all the way to Maine. The vast majority of people don’t want someone to just take over their records for them – they want someone to depend on and guide them through their finances and see the overall picture of what the future of the business could be. 

Tiffany has been on both sides of business. She understands the day-to-day operations that most small business owners must maneuver through, as well as the accounting/financial analyses. If there’s anything that CTR Bookkeeping and Consulting wants to convey, it’s that they are in business for you. Being an entrepreneur is universal – so is the need for stable bookkeeping and consulting. 

In life, Tiffany wears many hats. Such as wife, mother, consultant, and soon to be, published author. The book being released is titled Resilience and is the second in the G.R.I.T series. The entirety of this book is made up of stories written by several women sharing how they chose to walk through life with purpose, persistence, and awareness. This book will be released on Amazon and other retail locations on January 25th. Link to purchase will become available in this article after the release date.

Throughout her life, Tiffany has always loved vintage items from the 60s and 70s. Someone else’s “trash” would catch her eye as a beautiful piece of treasure. This love of vintage items began her journey of starting a resell page. Not only is she selling pieces found from various markets or sales – she is selling nostalgia. Items you can see on her page range from earrings your grandpa may have gifted your grandma on Christmas Day in ’83, or the bowl your mom always used to mix brownie batter in. 

If you’re ever given the chance, meet Tiffany. She has a heart of gold and cares not only about her clients, but about people in general. We’re thankful to have her be a part of our Dexter Chamber community!

Everyone has a story to tell. What’s yours?